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Never pay full price for your repairs again!

This is what sets Motorcare out from all the rest of our rivals, we offer a loyalty discount scheme allowing you to get money off of every single bill no matter how big or small it is (Excluding Mot's)

When you visit us you will receive a loyalty card and a one off discount voucher which are pictured on this screen 

The voucher is worth 20% off your total bill but can only be used once, but your loyalty card is worth 10% everytime you vist and is yours to use on any sized bill.

Once you fill up your loyalty card your final stamp is worth a massive 25%!

There are only 3 very simple rules with the loyalty scheme

1. You can only use your 20% voucher once

2. You can't use your voucher and loyalty card together

3. There isnt any discount off of the £40 Mot fee 

Apart from that your good to go so pop in or call today to start off your own loyalty scheme and "Never pay full price for your repairs again!"

Loyalty Scheme: Text
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